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Here is the book 
"The Power of Thought and Wealth"

by Dina Marielle 

ISBN: 978-1507645819
Do you want improved economy     
and prosperity?  
 This book will provide the readers useful ideas and tips to improve their personal economic and prosperity.      

Do you want better harmony and quality of life?      
Do you have piles of unpaid bills and complex debt? Visit the book page 21.
Do you want to clean up and streamline your expenses? Read the chapter from page 21.
Do you want greater prosperity and a better economy?
What is wealth  to you?
Do you have any larger intentions you want to achieve?
Do you think wanting lots of you greedy? Read from page 107.
Do you want to do something extraordinary and become really rich? 
Read from page187 and further.
Do you want to learn some of the tricks that rich know? Read from page 205.
Then this is the book for you, and you could find some answers that you are searching for.  It could challenge your thinking in a way that will stimulate your personal growth in finances and prosperity.

This book is about you, your mind as well as economic and welfare-related improvements.

The book also contains material that might be considered as parts of the secrets behind "The Secret

Excerpts from the book's preface:
Some of the richest people in the world have applied the The Power of Thought to accumulate great fortunes and to accomplish greater achievements. This is likely the result of the early twentieth century publication of various books, as ‘’ of sorts, in the US on by applying the Law of Attraction.
Why is this manuals and guidelines not common knowledge? 
And why is not this done better known by those who have used the methods and experienced that they work and even created their million businesses just because of that? 
Some have in fact done that - but all too few that it has become widely known and accepted so that more people could take advantage of the benefits they can bring."

Kallisti Publishing, US: made my book "the Book of the Week"  December 2.2014.


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